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WODBook - Wods feed

Take your Box community to the next level!

WODBook is the definitive tool for managing your Box community and get your affiliates more involved with the Fitness Competition

Why choose WODBook?

  • +5.000 Boxes around the world are working with us.
  • +300.000 Athletes are logging their results.
  • +500.000 WODs tracked in our App.

Our users love WODBook! with more than 3.500 user reviews WODBook is the most rated app for WOD Tracking available in the market.

Adding your Box to WODBook is easy and FREE!

Get your Box Private Profile including:

    Your Box Name.

    Your Box Description.

    Your Box Logo.

    Your Box Private Activity queue.

    Up to 50 Followers.

    Integrate your RSS Feed for posting WODs and News.

WODBook - Box Profile
WODBook - Log Scores

The most complete set of tools for your Box Affiliates

  • Fast and simple WOD Tracking.
  • Benchmark WODs ( the Girls, Heroes, Travel, Open, WODs shared with your Box, and Public WODs )
  • RM Tracking, sacles and 1 Rep Max calculator for each exercise.
  • Personal WOD Calendar.
  • Timers ( Stopwatch, Amrap, Tabata, EMOM, Stations )
  • thwWOD Machine - The ultimate smart WOD Generator.
  • Let your Followers share their results in your Box Activity, send comments or likes.
  • Get even more with our Premium and Official Plans

    Additional Features for Official Boxes

    Unlimited Followers for your Box.

    Get your Box Featured in the Official Boxes list.

    Enhanced Box Profile, including your address, location, phone and website.

    Post WODs for your Box Followers from the WODBook App.

    Send Push Notifications to your Followers when new WODs are posted from the WODBook App.

    WODBook - Admin
    WODBook - Coach Tools

    Additional Features for Premium Boxes

    Everything included in the Official Boxes Plan.

    Access to the Box News Section. Post your Box Events and Updates. Notify your Followers by sending Push Notifications.

    Access to the Box Admin Section. Add Managers and Coaches to your Box.

    Provide your Coaches with additional information about your Followers, including:

  • Muscles and Cardio/Strength distribution
  • Activity Detail.
  • Benchmark Scores.
  • Personal Bests and RMs.